We’ve come back to a recurring topic: credit card debt. Mellody: Reversing the positive trend we saw in the wake of the financial crisis, when Americans were paying down credit card debt, we are now racking up debt on plastic again in a big way. According to a new report from the Nilson report, credit […]

What do consumers need to know now about credit card debt, correct? That’s right. Credit card debt is almost always a bad thing, but in the wake of the great recession Americans really worked hard to pay down their credit cards, reducing the amount of debt that we collectively carried by nearly $200 billion. However, […]

  Tom: Good morning Mellody! What are we covering today?  Mellody: Good morning. Today we are talking about credit card debt, Tom. Over the past 6 years, in the wake of the great recession, many Americans made progress paying down credit cards and reining in irresponsible spending. But a recent study suggests we may be reverting […]


Interested in making a big purchase like a house or car, but your credit report is marred by a history of late credit card payments?…

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Think tank Demos and the NAACP Economic Department collaborated to survey moderate-income American households with credit card debt for the study. Black Americans weren’t any more likely than whites to be late on a payment, the survey found, and they were also no more likely than whites to declare bankruptcy or get evicted. But what […]

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It’s the season of swimsuits and barbecues, and I hate to rain on any parades, but crooks are looking forward to summer just as much as we are, because it’s also prime time for credit card scams. Why’s that? Summer means travel, and being on the road makes consumers more vulnerable to fraud. Many banks […]