black health issues

After Mike Tyson recently opened up about battling sciatica, we chose to highlight a few other rare health issues plaguing our culture.

It turns out that a sexual climax, while not essential for a good sex life, is more than just a toe-curling release; it’s also pretty healthy.

The years 1865 through the mid-1960’s were the prime decades of the Black hospital movement. During that time, when most hospitals with adequate equipment were segregated, the Black hospital movement was designed to give Black physicians a way to treat patients and study medicine through lectures, workshops, and training sessions. Their goal was to improve […]

Charity begins at home and Dr. Lucile Adams-Campbell got the message, loud and clear. The native Washingtonian, and lifelong resident, has devoted her career to identifying health disparities in her hometown, which has some of the highest cancer mortality rates in the nation, according to the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center at Georgetown Hospital. Adams-Campbell, the […]