The Tigers are coming to ice as Tennessee State University has announced that ice hockey will arrive at the HBCU in 2024.

Retired Black hockey hero Mike Grier is making monumental moves once again as the first Black General Manager in NHL history.

Today (June 30), Ketanji Brown Jackson made history after being sworn in as the first Black woman to serve on the Supreme Court.

Mellody Hobson is now the first Black woman to have NFL equity due to her stake in The Walton-Penner group's $4.65 billion Broncos buyout.

The latest queen to become a shining example of Black Girl Magic is a young woman by the name of Haley Taylor Schlitz, a 19-year-old academic prodigy that will soon be the youngest African American to ever graduate law school in the United States.

As a result of her courageous efforts to uncover slave ships that sank during The Middle Passage, journalist-turned-pioneering-deep-diver Tara Roberts has now become the first Black woman to grace the cover of 'National Geographic' as a Nat Geo Explorer.

Justice was truly served in Wyoming recently when the state's first Black sheriff made an applaud-worthy decision to fire a white deputy who for years racially harassed a Black subordinate so much that it eventually led to him quitting the force.


President Joe Biden announced Wednesday that he is nominating Shalanda Young to lead the White House budget office and Nani Coloretti to serve as Young’s deputy.

After receiving his undergraduate from Northwestern State University and then going on to serve 23 years in various roles as a faculty member, Dr. Marcus Jones not only has become the school's newest president but also makes history as its first-ever Black commander-in-chief.

Malvin R. Goode was a pioneer in broadcast journalism, becoming the first African-American news correspondent for a major television network in 1962. Goode arrived at the pinnacle of his career later in life, but his accomplishment serves as a testament to the work ethic he developed in the steel mills of Pittsburgh. Malvin Russell Goode […]

Jewel Lafontant-Mankarious was a Chicago lawyer who achieved a number of firsts as a woman and African-American in her field. Among her achievements, Lafontant-Mankarious was the first Black woman to graduate from the University of Chicago Law School and was also the first Black Deputy Solicitor General. Born Jewel Carter Stradford on April 28, 1922 […]

Little Known Black History Facts

  Lemuel Haynes is credited as the first credentialed Black clergyman in the United States, and is considered the first minister to lead a white congregation. Haynes was born on July 18, 1753 in Hartford, Conn. to a Black father and white mother. Abandoned at five months of age, Haynes was raised by an indentured […]