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You ever have those white friends that just don’t get it? It can be anything from your hair to the food you eat and no matter how well you explain they still don’t get it! Well, worry no more because BET has a new show that can help your friends and give you a laugh […]

Ever wish there was a show that tested people on their African-American knowledge? Like both the social, intellectual and knowledgeable trivia? Well, comedian, Tony Rock is the host of a new BET show called Black Card Revoked that does just that! “It’s a game show based on a funny game that people have been playing all over the […]

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BET Networks has given a series order to “Black Card Revoked,” a game show based on the party game that tests knowledge of pop culture, entertainment, historical facts and politics from a black perspective. Actor-comedian Tony Rock will host the series, described as a witty celebration of African-American life. Production on the 12-episode order will […]