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TRAFFORD, Pa. (AP) — President Donald Trump invoked “steel and business” Monday as he and his son made a final push to sway voters in a special election for a Pennsylvania House seat that will reverberate nationally. Trump has already visited the district twice to try to buoy Republican Rick Saccone. On the last day […]

President Donald Trump recently signed into order tariffs on the steel and aluminum industry that he believes will help the economy and the American people. However, many have disagreed with him and warned of the damage that it can cause the United States. Roland Martin talks with Ron Kirk the former Trade Ambassador under the Obama […]

President Donald Trump announced that he would have tariffs on steel and aluminum coming into the country. He claims the tariff will help bring more jobs but Rev. Al Sharpton believes that it’s a disguise that will hurt the American people. “Really look beyond the surface of President Trump announcing this tariff on incoming steel […]