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Sybil Wilkes Top 5 Stories for ‘What You Need To Know:’ October 26, 2023


1. Conservative MAGA Republican is Speaker of the House

Capitol Hill - Washington, DC Source:Getty
Conservative MAGA Republican is Speaker of the House

What You Need to Know:

After three weeks without a Speaker, and several rounds of voting for others, Republicans came together and elected conservative Congressman James Michael “Mike” Johnson  as the next Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

According to observers, Rep. Johnson succeeded where others failed, by rallying a fatigued and frustrated Republican caucus. After voting against the continuation of the speakership of Kevin McCarthy, back biting and back fighting and the lack of support for Republican representatives Steve Scalise (La.), Jim Jordan (OH), Tom Emmer (Minn.) and others, Republicans united to elect the now four-term Congressman representing Shreveport, LA. The final count was 220 votes for Mike Johnson(R-La) and 209 votes for Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY).

2. FBI Reveals Latest Round of Espionage Efforts by Foreign Nations

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FBI Reveals Latest Round of Espionage Efforts by Foreign Nations


What You Need to Know:

 Alarming developments reveal covert operations by foreign entities on American soil, encompassing espionage and illicit financial channels.

In a shocking case in Denver, Jareh Sebastian Dalke, a former NSA employee and Army veteran, pleaded guilty to attempting to sell classified national security information to Russia. Financial desperation and a personal connection to Russia drove him to provide sensitive NSA data. He faces up to about 22 years in prison, with a plea deal aiming for a lighter sentence upon cooperation

3. Fight Hepatitis C Fatigue

Hepatitis C vaccine. medical ampoule in the hands of a doctor. Vaccination awareness concept. Toned image. Soft blurred background. Medical poster. Source:Getty

Fight Hepatitis C Fatigue

 What You Need to Know: 

 The research isn’t clear about whether the hepatitis C virus causes fatigue. But if you have cirrhosis, you’re more likely to get tired. And interferon, a common part of some therapy, can sap your energy, too.

 The good news: This is temporary. Once you’ve completed treatment and are cured, your fatigue will end. Meanwhile, if you’re having trouble functioning because you’re too tired, talk to your doctor about other treatment options. Some newer medications have shorter treatment periods, so you don’t have to deal with side effects for so long.

4. Judge Removed For Pointing a Gun at a Black Man During Court

Gavel and handcuffs on wooden table Source:Getty

Judge Removed For Pointing a Gun at a Black Man During Court


What You Need to Know:

Justice Robert J. Putorti was a Whitehall Town and Village Court judge in upstate New York who pointed a loaded handgun at a Black man during a 2015 court hearing. Putorti was removed from office by New York’s highest court on October 19.



According to an independent review by the New York State Court of Appeals, Putorti said he aimed the gun at the man because he approached the stand too quickly and crossed a stop line for litigants. Putorti also described the man to another judge as being 6 feet 9 inches tall and “built like a football player,” but the man was only 6 feet and 165 pounds.

5.  What to Expect During Scorpio Season

Scorpio zodiac sign neon icon. Astrological zodiac signs glowing symbol Source:Getty

 What to Expect During Scorpio Season


What You Need to Know: 

 It’s Scorpio Season and October 23 – November 22 is sure to be one for the books…the Sun, Mercury & Mars are all currently transiting the sign of Scorpio, PLUS we have one final eclipse that is sure to really set some deep transformation in motion.

 Scorpio is a sign associated with power, secrecy,  deep intuition, intimate connections, joint resources, and transformation. This time of year, we see a transfer of power (election season) and would do best to allow death and rebirth to unfold. Scorpio is a very private sign that tends to experience trauma more than most. This time of year encourages us to go within, spend time alone and really examine how our traumas have impacted our lives. Have we allowed these dark times to transform us? Keep in mind, trauma and transformation are part of the cycle. It’s what we do with it that allows us to go higher during Sagittarius Season. Scorpio Season tends to be a very spiritual time of year as well. Most of us will choose to practice spiritual or esoteric things privately though.