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Here’s What You Need To Know On Wednesday, July 5th, 2023

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1. Gun Violence Kills Holiday Spirit

Authorities search for evidence at the scene of last nights mass shooting that left 2 dead and 20 wounded, on July 02 in Baltimore, MD. Source:Getty

Gun Violence Kills Holiday Spirit


 What You Need to Know:


Two days after mass shootings in Baltimore, MD, and Wichita, KS, two additional mass shootings took place Monday night with investigations continuing over the Tuesday holiday.


Five people were killed, and two others were injured in shootings that were spread across several blocks in the Kinsessing neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA. No motive was released following the report that two people were taken into custody. Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw confirmed that one person, only identified as a 40-year-old man, was arrested. The suspect, wearing a bullet-proof vest, was armed with an assault-style rifle, multiple magazines, a handgun, and a police scanner. 

2. Hill Harper For Senate? Coming Soon To A Michigan Near You

'Concussion' film premiere, AFI Fest, Los Angeles, America - 10 Nov 2015 Source:Getty

Hill Harper For Senate? Coming Soon To A Michigan Near You



What You Need to Know:


Actor Hill Harper is finalizing plans to challenge Elissa Slotkin, congresswoman of the 7th District of Michigan. According to a person close to Harper’s team, the Letters to a Young Brother author is preparing for his kickoff event, originally slated for April. He has also shot his announcement video and ordered campaign T-shirts.


The Win Company, the Democratic firm that produced ads for now-Sen. John Fetterman in 2022, made Harper’s launch video, a second source told POLITICO.


Harper, an actor in “The Good Doctor,” has never run for office. He’s considering himself a progressive challenge to the moderate Slotkin, a three-term Democratic House member representing a swing district. 

3.  My Scale Is Broken: 5 Reasons You’re Gaining Weight

Standing on floor scale. Close up of man legs stapping on weight scales. Source:Getty

 My Scale Is Broken: 5 Reasons You’re Gaining Weight


What You Need to Know: 


You’ve been doing everything right (you think) to drop those pounds, yet the scale isn’t budging. Or worse, it’s tipping in the other direction. Before you throw back your head and wail, “Why am I gaining weight?” and toss the scale and your good intentions off a cliff, consider these subtle reasons you could be adding pounds instead of subtracting them.


Unhealthy “healthy” foods. Oatmeal is good for you. Loaded with antioxidants and fiber, oatmeal’s benefits run the gamut from preventing cancer and diabetes to reducing your risk of heart disease. Even McDonald’s includes it on their healthy breakfast menu. But if you check the nutrition facts on that bowl of oatmeal you picked up at the corner diner, you might find it’s loaded with sugar and butter. And that fruit juice smoothie might be made of full-fat dairy products. Solution: Bring your meals and snacks from home so you can be sure what you’re eating.

4. DeSantis Wants to Get Rid of All Trans People

GOP 2024 Presidential candidates campaign at the Moms for Liberty Summit in Philadelphia Source:Getty

DeSantis Wants to Get Rid of All Trans People




What You Need to Know:


DeSantis is being criticized for a homophobic video that was released recently. 


It was unclear who originally produced the video, which featured a montage of muscle-bound men, bolts of electricity flying from DeSantis’ eyes, and activists lamenting what they characterized as his efforts to restrict transgender rights.


According to MSNBC, The video, originally posted by the pro-DeSantis @ProudElephantUS Twitter account, is a kooky, meme-filled clip that speaks in the vernacular of the “extremely online” right-wing set. It starts off by showing clips of Trump making statements in support of the LGBTQ community, such as when he said at the Republican National Convention in 2016 that he would “do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens,” a statement made weeks after the mass shootings at Pulse Nightclub, a gay club in Orlando. 

5. Black and Missing: Elle Ragin

Police on the crime scene Source:Getty

Black and Missing: Elle Ragin


Elle Ragin has been missing from Northfield, MN since June 19, 2022.

Police began the investigation when they discovered the body of her mother, Lisa Wade. Investigators say Wade died by suicide. But they suspect she was involved in her daughter’s disappearance. The last time Ragin was seen was weeks before Wade’s body was found.

The now 7-year-old weighs 45 lbs. and has brown hair.

Anyone with information about Elle’s disappearance should go to the Black and Missing Foundation website.