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In case you’ve been living under a rock, or just been protecting your peace by staying out of this man’s business, once-beloved rap king Kanye West is currently going through one of the biggest examples of a celebrity being canceled outside of R. Kelly. Following widely publicized antisemitic comments in the press, and new reports that even suggest that Kanye idolizes Hitler, the Jesus Is King emcee has lost next to everything that once made him one of the handful of Black billionaires in America. He’s since lost that status, with his remaining $400 million net worth in serious jeopardy as well.

Sadly, it appears things are only getting worse for the formerly celebrated 24-time GRAMMY winner.

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The biggest hit Ye is taking at the moment is from his split with adidas, which proved to be the blow that plummeted his net worth from billionaire status to less than half a billi overnight. News of him recently showing up unannounced to Sketchers HQ in hopes of finding a new distributor resulted in him being escorted out the building. To think that Sketchers, a brand that would’ve sold their soles and souls for the opportunity to work with Kanye even a few weeks ago, is now choosing to side with the company’s Jewish lineage rather than profit off the enemy is truly an eye-opener to how much damage Ye has done to his decorated legacy thus far.

It’s a shocking reality for us to witness from afar, but maybe all hope isn’t lost. Many sneaker labels out there might be able to utilize YEEZY, whether to resurrect a defunct brand looking for a comeback or revitalize one that we all know and love but might’ve criminally ignored over the past, well, decade.

Keep scrolling to take a look at a handful of sneaker brands that might take the risk and actually partner up with Kanye West and YEEZY. Hey, it’s worth a try…right?

1. Etonic

YEEZY skate shoes, no?

2. LA Gear

Manufactured especially for Calabasas.

3. British Knights

Ye would be taking it all the way back with this one!

4. kangaROOS

kangaYEEZY or YeezyROOS both have a bit of a ring to it.

5. DADA Supreme

It’s the brand his “favorite artist” Drake tried to bring back a decade ago. Why not pick up where Drizzy left off?


PONY might actually be doing too good to ruin their comeback streak by messing with Ye. Still, we see some opportunity for growth here.

7. Pro-Keds

A classic hip-hop staple that could possibly help us trigger “the old Kanye” again.

8. K-Swiss

Make the “K” for Kanye and you’ve got a deal!