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Armed with an unmistakable voice, a spirited guitar, and lyrics drawn from the depths of his soul, Royce Lovett brings a much-needed breath of fresh air to music. After grooming his lyrical skills as an underground emcee, the Tallahassee native learned quickly that he had a desire to carve out his own musical path. This led the singer, songwriter, and rapper to blend his organic approach to lyricism with guitar-driven melodies and a unique urban flair.

“Music can motivate you to change, get into your mind and into your soul,” Lovett says. “It’s a ripple effect from one place to another.” It’s this motivation that acts as the catalyst for Lovett’s creative process. After honing his skills recording multiple independent projects, Lovett, armed with his pen and guitar crafted a collection of songs that gives a unique perspective on the issues of the day, bringing to life his national debut album Write It On The Wall.

Lovett masterfully dresses his thought-provoking message and distinct style in away that touches on a variety of social issues and themes of self-reflection, love, and unity. Evidence of this can be found on the album’s title track “Write It On The Wall”, which affirms the truth that God’s love supersedes any hindrance present in today’s society. The call-to-action track,“Put Your Armor On” perpetuates a similar message urging listeners to “Shine in the darkest light” and “Stand strong in the fight”. Lovett continues to drive home a universal theme with the upbeat story of encouragement and hope found in both “ Say Something” and the infectious track “Down 4 Whatever”. Closing out the 5-track EP is the piano-led “Show ME Love”, a feel-good tune that unites elements of old school hip-hop with the positive belief that we all possess an innate power that is God’s love, inside us all.

With an unapologetic fusion of rhythmic urban, progressive R&B, and soul, Write It On the Wall rings as a foretaste of the future of Pop/Soul. Lovett’s distinct offering to music is guaranteed to rock speakers and resonate within the hearts of listeners with anthem-like choruses and messages of unity.

1. “Writing On The Wall”

2. “Show Me Love”

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