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1. MAJOR performs “Honest” live from HOT105 in Miami

MAJOR. is an artist whose time has come. Fresh off the success of his hit Single “Honest”, which landed him at #8 on AUC charts, the artist bares his pop-SOUL with the follow-up album single “BETTER With You In It”. The single features melodic chords and a timeless hook that will captivate listeners with feel good memories and positive vibes; about a time, place, person, thing or instance in which LIFE, was made better.

2. MAJOR performs “Why I Love You” live from HOT105 in Miami

Better W. YOU In It is the second single from his sophomore album Even More MAJOR., which is slated for Q3 release. Better W. YOU In It will change hearts and convince minds that what lies ahead of us is greater than what is behind. The single will mark MAJOR.’s meteoric debut to mainstream dominance and establish his place among the cross-over greats of our millennium.


MAJOR. defies the rules of “one genre at a time” – as a matter of fact his sound embraces them ALL. From Soul to Pop to RnB to Folk; his style is an epic expression that cries from the beat of his heart.


A crusader for the hope of the land. Much like MJ & MLK. Don’t try to box or characterize him as his genre defies logic. One live take or listen and you’ll want a whole lot more of MAJOR.


Bruno, Pharrell, Chance, & Cardi…we’re living in a musical time where rules are meant to be broken – and MAJOR. is doing just that. Sting called him a beautiful artist. When introduced to Oprah as simply major. she replied, “that you are”!!


If a category had to be given, call HIM Soul-Pop, because the rhythm of his musical conversation encapsulates that and then some. Be it a ballad or turn up – the diaspora will come to know and rock with him.


He is MAJOR. and that is what his mama named him case she knew he would eventually shake up the world – in a real good way.