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It goes without saying that anything Jay-Z does, be it dropping music or announcing billionaire business moves, is sure to send the world into a frenzy of conversation.

Hov proved that once again when his recent appearance on “GOD DID,” a standout single from DJ Khaled’s new album of the same name, created an uproar on social media of people once again trying to decipher his bars.



Jay-Z’s verse on “GOD DID” is more of a song inside of a song if we’re being honest. The Blueprint emcee jumps in right after the 3:00 mark and spits his last ad-lib somewhere around the 7:00 mark — the song itself clocks in at an impressive 8:22! Other features from Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, John Legend and burgeoning crooner Fridayy hold up solidly against what Hov is spitting. However, we’re sure they along with DJ Khaled himself know that this is officially Jay-Z’s song now. We wouldn’t be surprised if someone goes along and isolates his feature into a separate song altogether!

As with anything he does musically, the Roc Nation CEO did a great job at using his signature metaphors and double entendres to say exactly what he wanted without having to be so explicit in stating the facts. Whether he’s taking claim to making billionaires out of Kanye West, Rihanna and even the “Roc Boy” himself LeBron James, or assuring that he won’t be beefing with Meek Mill anytime soon following his recent split from management at Roc Nation, nothing Jay said went unnoticed or without some level of praise.


It’s a lot to take in, but we gave the song a few listens and chose 10 lines that are either creating debates or simply being praised for its bold and clever nature. Just another thing that Hov did!

Keep scrolling to see the standout bars that Jay-Z dropped on DJ Khaled’s new song “GOD DID” that prove once again why he’s the best rapper alive — no longer a need to ask:



1. “Nobody touched the billi’ until Hov did / How many billionaires can come from Hov crib, huh? / I count three, me, Ye and Rih / Bron’s a Roc boy, so four, technically”

Who’s counting!

2. “Now the weed in stores, can you believe this, Ty? / I put my hustle onto Forbes, can you believe this guy? / Then we said, ‘Fuck it,’ and took the dope public”

Full-circle moment.

3. “For those who make the laws, I’ma always have smoke for them / I got lawyers like shooters/ Workin’ pro bono for him as a favor ’cause I throw them Ms / In memory of Teelo / I pray none of your people die over jailphones again”

Team ROC plays no games.

4. “Me and Meek could never beef/ I freed that n*gga from a whole bid — Hov did”

He said what he said.

5. Hov big / They said they don’t know me internationally, niggas on the road did / I see a lot of Hov in Giggs

Shoutout to Giggs on the come-up!

6. “These ain’t songs, these are hymns ’cause I’m him / It’s the Psalm 151, this New Testament / The book of Hov / Jesus turned water to wine, for Hov, it just took a stove”

Wordplay once again untouched.

7. “Folk and nem told me how highly Caddy spoke of him / And bloke and ‘nem from London, Harold Road, Weston Inn / I be speakin’ to the souls of men / Those of them willin’ to die for the existence that this cold world has chose for them”


8. “I’m at the cap table, what the splits is? / Not that cap table, boy, we live this / Breezy what the business is / We pushin’ Fenty like Fentanyl, the shit is all legitimate”

Not the Breezy you think he’s talking about — no cap!

9. “Monogram in my pocket off the red carpet / You see the face I made that night, shit is that shockin’ / Odds wasn’t great, we even be alive / Gotta be crazy to y’all niggas, we surprised”

Still such a wholesome moment between Hov and Kelly Rowland.

10. “Hov is a real nigga’s dream / My only goal, to make a real nigga feel seen / Sometimes, it make a fake nigga hate life / Never my intention, the consequences of my way of life”

He ain’t lying!