1. Singer/reality show diva Syleena Johnson kicks it with The Lady Of Rage.

2. Christian Keyes is having a relaxing time.

3. Rance Elgin meets up with director Bill Duke.

4. There’s too much fun going on.

5. Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell is having a great time meeting fans.

6. Is Syleena on a second honeymoon with her handsome hubby?

7. Sybil Wilkes (and her twin) as Lucy on Costume Night

8. Huggy Lowdown as Madea

9. Tom Joyner as The Champ found his daughter Laila Ali.

10. Don Lemon and Jacque Reid as the President and First Lady

11. Can you guess who Damon Williams is?

12. Comedian Chris Paul as Mr. T

13. Tom and Kenny Lattimore

14. This beautiful lady is lighting up the ship with her smile.

15. The Fly Jock’s fly shoe game on Red Night

16. All-Red Night

17. This lovely couple was snazzy for All-Red Night.

18. Is Dr. Bobby Jones seeing double?

19. Kenny Lattimore is enjoying the view.

20. Celebrity dentist Dr. Catrise Austin and Jacque Reid are ladies in red.

21. Sybil and director Bill Duke talk light and dark girls.

22. Eric Benet is hanging out all over the ship!

23. The Jacksons!

24. A fan gets an us-ie with celebrity barbeque man Pat Neely.

25. Back that thang up, Juvenile!

26. #FantasticVoyageGoals

27. Just another great day on the seas.

28. Shhhh, Don’t tell CNN Don Lemon is on the Tom Joyner Cruise!

29. Crew deep!

30. Don’t you want this to be your view?

31. A stop in Jamaica at this lovely spot.

32. Yes, you can even swim with Lucky the dolphin at one of the cruise’s stops.

33. This guy has the right idea!

34. Lisa Wu with an admirer.

35. Mary Mary’s Erica Campbell meets a fan.

36. Kenny Lattimore and Trina

37. Tom Joyner and friend

38. Kenny Lattirmore and Michel’le

39. Eric Benet hangs with Mary Mary

40. Rodney Perry, Luenell and Michel’le take an us-ie

41. Eric Benet’s the social ambassador this year…or so it seems!

42. Tom Joyner compares hairstyles with a new friend

43. Jacksons everywhere!

44. Da baddest…Trina’s on board

45. Eric Benet and R. Kelly – a collabo in the works, maybe?

46. Some good fellas on the cruise

47. Eric Benet, Calvin Richardson and Kenny Lattimore

48. The Pat Williams Group

49. Teddy Riley’s on board!

50. Tom Joyner flicks it up with The Brass Band

51. Doug E. Fresh

52. R. Kelly throws down

53. Rodney Perry


55. Luke snaps a photo with two cruisers

56. A cruiser snaps a photo with Eric Benet

57. Damon Williams

58. Marlon and Jermaine Jackson

59. Jacque Reid and a guest

60. Monie Love and Chef Huda

61. The Jacksons


63. The Jacksons

64. WAR


66. Millie Jackson



69. Chef Pat Neely and a fan

70. Faizon Love snaps photos with fans

71. Mary Mary with VaShawn Mitchell signing autographs


73. The audience for Chef Huda


75. Chef Huda

76. R, Kelly and Tom

77. Faizon Love and a fan

78. Christian Keyes with fans


80. LL Cool J prepping for his show

81. Jacque Reid and Damon Williams

82. TLC

83. R. Kelly

84. R. Kelly





89. Christian Keys


91. R. Kelly





96. LL Cool J



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