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FAB FINDS: 25 Oxfords You Need To Get Through Winter was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

1. Glitter Oxford

Glitter Oxford

2. Leopard Print Oxford

Leopard Print Oxford

3. Chevron Print Oxford

Chevron Print Oxford

4. Gold Leather Oxfords

Gold Leather Oxfords

5. Two Tone Oxfords

Two Tone Oxfords

6. Gold Glitter Oxfords

Gold Glitter Oxfords

7. Zipper Trim Oxfords

Zipper Trim Oxfords

8. Black and White Oxfords

Black and White Oxfords

9. Metallic Oxfords

Metallic Oxfords

10. Green Leather Oxfords

Green Leather Oxfords

11. Chain Trim Oxfords

Chain Trim Oxfords

12. Leopard Oxfords

Leopard Oxfords

13. Black and White Oxfords

Black and White Oxfords

14. Metallic Oxfords

Metallic Oxfords

15. Camouflage Oxfords

Camouflage Oxfords

16. Calfskin Oxfords

Calfskin Oxfords

17. Silver Brogue Oxfords

Silver Brogue Oxfords

18. Printed Oxfords

Printed Oxfords

19. Leather Oxfords

Leather Oxfords

20. Two-Tone Oxfords

Two-Tone Oxfords

21. Patchwork Oxfords

Patchwork Oxfords

22. Metallic Oxfords

Metallic Oxfords

23. Snake-Print Oxfords

Snake-Print Oxfords

24. Glitter Oxfords

Glitter Oxfords

25. Wingtip Oxfords

Wingtip Oxfords
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