As we enter into inauguration weekend, take a look at some of the many great photo moments the first family has shared in President Obama’s first term. We can’t wait to see what the next four years hold!

1. The first family enjoying the holidays.

2. Michelle Obama

3. Michelle, Malia and Sasha Obama on a safari in Africa.

4. Michelle Obama dancing with Ellen

5. Barack and Michelle Obama

6. Barack plants one on Michelle.

7. Barack and Michelle having fun courtside.

8. Barack and Michelle Obama

9. First Lady shows off her hulahoop skills.

10. Sasha and Malia Obama

11. The President and First Lady with the The Queen

12. Olympic winner picks up Michelle Obama.

13. President Barack Obama

14. President Obama

15. The President with daughter Malia and dog, Bo.

16. Michelle Obama in her Hiesman stance.

17. Barack and Michelle Obama

18. Barack and Michelle Obama

19. Malia and Sasha Obama

20. Barack and Michelle get their dance on.

21. The first family together for the holidays.

22. Barack and Michelle Obama

23. President Obama

24. The President and first lady at the 2009 Inaugural Ball.

25. President Obama

26. President Obama backstage at the Jimmy Fallon Show.

27. President Obama

28. The first family at the Democratic National Convention.

29. President Obama showing off his football skills.

30. President Obama

31. President Obama at daughter’s basketball game.

32. President Obama

33. The first family walk Bo.

34. Barack and Michelle Obama

35. Michelle playing hop-scotch.

36. The President and first lady share a dance.

37. Michelle and Sasha Obama

38. President Obama playing basketball.

39. The President and first lady.

40. President Obama dances with local children in India.

41. Barack and Michelle Obama.

42. Barack and Malia Obama

43. President Obama

44. Michelle Obama in Botswana.

45. President Obama walking Bo.

46. The President and first lady

47. Michelle Obama and daughters at the Teen Choice Awards.

48. President and first lady Obama

49. Michelle Obama and Bo

50. The President and first lady on the 2009 inauguration day.