1. “The Player”

He’s definitely eye candy but he wants to share his candy with every girl he sees.

2. “The Old Playa Type”

This guy has seen his best days but you can’t tell him he doesn’t still have “it.” You may see him making his rounds in the club, reeking of Old Spice (or whatever old cologne was popular back in the day) and passing out fake roses to women half his age.

3. “The Video Game Addict”

So you’d rather play with that, instead of this.

4. “The Commitment Issues Guy”

The Beyonce “Oh, Oh, Oh Oh. Oh Oh” has unfortunately become the theme song for too many women who hung on too long to a man who never put a ring on it.

5. “The Bug-a-Boo”

You shouldn’t have to consider blocking your significant other but sometimes that’s how it goes down when he blows up your phone leaving countless missed calls, text messages and voice mails.

6. “The Thug”

Some of us out here love a man a little rough around the edges despite what friends or family think.

7. “The Guy Too Into Himself”

You know the guy who is checking himself out in the mirror more than you, taking a couple extra minutes to get dressed and has the nerve to tell you how to dress! Yes, him. (Photo: “Dysfunctional Friends”)

8. “The Mama’s Boy”

This guy apparently hasn’t stopped breast feeding. He’s constantly calling his mama when you two are on dates. He may even still live with her. Like, come on, who are you dating?
(Photo: BlackandSexyTV’s “The Couple”)

9. “The Guy Erykah Badu is Singing About in ‘Tyrone'”

Do we need to really explain?

10. “Too Good to Be True Guy”

Poor Too Good to Be True! He’s the perfect guy, cooks, cleans, and buys your feminine products with no shame, but that’s just it. He’s so good, it’s scary.

11. “The Man-Child” aka “The Needy One”

Can all the women who have dealt with the “Man-Child” scream in unison: “I AM NOT YOUR MAMA! Must I wash your clothes, cook your food, clean up your stuff and just all around coddle you! “

12. “The Black Power Guy”

We all love a man who loves his people, but Black Power Guy takes it a little too far. Everything in his wardrobe has kente cloth in it and the next thing you know, he has you wearing it while passing out pamphlets and throwing up the black power fist.

13. “Mr. Potential”

The one who has so many great qualities BUT so many things wrong at the same d— time! As the great Lauryn Hill sings, “when it hurts so bad, why does it feel so good?”

14. “The Artsy Guy”

Haven’t we all fallen under the spell of being someone’s muse? Whether they are painting, singing to you or writing a poem in your honor: the artsy type always seems to get you to fall.

15. Ummm… “The Feminine Guy”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elshcAP1ZSk?wmode=transparent]