Experience the vivacity of the Caribbean and Latin America right here in the United States when you visit Miami. Where you’ll get a taste of a variety of cultures in the city’s history­‐rich communities that are sure to give you and your family their fill of food, culture and entertainment.


Little Havana
Eat your way through Cuba right in the heart of Miami’s Latin hub. With a Cuban eatery on seemingly every other corner, there are a couple gems that stand out among the rest including Morro Castle, La Palma Calle Ocho and El Rey de las Fritas.  After you’ve indulged in enough frijoles negros con arroz (black beans & rice), cool down at Azucar Ice Cream where you have your choice of traditional flavors like chocolate and vanilla or “signature Miami” flavors like sweet plantain and caramel flan.

Miami is your best chance at experiencing Cuba without a passport (and the red tape). Luckily for us, this community has not only brought over the food, it is also brimming with the island’s art and culture.  Experience a dose of this at the Cubaocho Museum and Performing Arts Center. Here you can learn about Cuban culture and enjoy live performances that are sure to get you on your feet.  After you’ve filled up on food and music, top off the experience with an authentic Cuban cigar.

Other notable attractions: Viernes Culturales & Art Walk, Tower Theater. Domino Park, Velvet Creme Doughnuts, Ball & Chain, Futurama Building


Little Haiti
Splashed in bright hues of yellows, greens and varying shades of pink, Little Haiti remains authentic to the roots of its Haitian immigrants who formed the community.

The bright buildings are paired with beautiful murals that exemplify the neighborhood’s booming art community. Visitors are able to get deeper knowledge of this at the Little Haiti Cultural Center where you can visit art galleries and get a lesson on Haiti’s culture through other art forms like music and dance.

The food is also true to its Afro-­‐Caribbean roots. Head over to Chez Le Bebe for some delicious griot (fried pork) and ox-­‐tail. Or get some flavorful, Caribbean-­‐influenced seafood dishes like fried conch and stew fish at Chef Creole’s.

Other notable attractions: The Little Haiti Community Garden, Liberei Mapou, Yeelen Gallery, Churchill’s Pub, Sweat Records, Philly Grub


Back in the 1930s-­‐1950s, Overtown was a thriving music community likened to the Harlem Renaissance, even being dubbed “Little Broadway”. The community formed as essentially a safe haven for African-­‐ American musicians who needed a place to stay because Miami’s segregation laws prevented them from staying in certain areas of town.  Jazz icons like Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzergerald and Billie Holiday are some of the artists who were regulars in this historic neighborhood.

In present day, the Black Archives History & Research Foundation works to preserve and educate others about Miami’s Black history. The organization purchased the Historic Lyric Theater, a staple of the community, and now uses the space to showcase the community’s vivid history and present-­‐day talent.

And before you leave, grab a plate of soul food from Lil Greenhouse Grill and Jackson Soul Food.

Other notable attractions: Ward Rooming House, Purvis Young Murals, Overtown Performing Arts Center, House of Wings


Coconut Grove West Village
Drowning in greenery and architectural remnants of a place that once was, this charming, quaint area is steeped in rich history rooted in Bahamian culture. In Coconut Grove West Village, experience eclectic history at the Kroma Art Space and Studio for locally produced art and artists showcasing a myriad of art perspectives from the African diaspora.

Truly a hidden gem in Miami, this section of town offers another route through Miami’s African-­‐ American history.

Other notable attractions: Peacock Park, The Barnacle, Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church


Classic Miami Attractions
Beyond being the perfect destination to enrich your family with Miami’s history and culture, there are tons of other family friendly attractions around the city.  Take an airboat ride through the Everglades, catch a Miami Marlins game, visit the Frost Science or Miami’s Children Museum, or go to Zoo Miami. There’s so much to do!

Not many cities can give you the luxury of basking in beautiful weather while exploring so many different things in one convenient area.  Don’t waste another minute…take a moment to book a trip to Miami now!