The latest act of racism on school grounds involves a teacher at Whitney Young Magnet High School in Chicago that got himself suspended after an altercation with another teacher over a Black doll that appeared to be hanging from a string in his classroom for all students to see.

A Black female artist by way of Alabama is honoring the involuntary sacrifices of her enslaved ancestors with a sculpture proudly deemed as the Mothers of Gynecology.

18-year-old Makenzie Thompson is the latest to become an academic beacon of hope after the Georgia high school senior made our whole community proud by obtaining over $1.3 million in scholarship offers from 49 out of the 51 universities that she applied to for college.

A teenage boy visiting Florida entertainment destination ICON Park on Thursday died after a ride he took on the popular "Orlando Free-Fall" attraction ended up being fatal.

The latest report putting the NYPD in a negative light comes by way of a lawsuit from The Legal Aid Society that accuses cops of secretly collecting over 32,000 genetic samples from New York citizens for storage in a "rogue" DNA database.

The shooting death of 25-year-old Virginia news reporter Sierra Jenkins proved to be crushing on many levels, especially being that her editor actually attempted to contact her to cover the story, only to discover that she in fact was the victim herself.   

Maryland's legendary-yet-forgotten Elktonia Beach will soon be given proper treatment after the five-acre property was recently confirmed to be getting developed into a history-themed waterfront park in Annapolis.

A 15-year-old freshman at Vandebilt Catholic High School in Houma, Louisiana gave a prime example of why Critical Race Theory should be taught when he decided to approach a Black classmate and throw cotton balls at him before taking a belt and "whipping" him. Now, he's been charged with a hate crime.

A married couple from Boston found out the hard way that scamming doesn't pay after being charged with multiple felonies for using donations they retrieved for their non-profit, Violence in Boston, and using the funds for vacations, car rentals, shopping and even to get approved for a home. 

A 58-year-old woman from Batavia, Ohio found herself hit with two felony charges after sending racist voicemail threats to Michigan lawmakers — not to mention Black queens! –  Rep. Sarah Anthony and Rep. Cynthia Johnson.

The latest example of unnecessary police brutality comes by way of a Kentucky State prisoner who unfortunately died after prison guards used excessive force while he was having a Bipolar mental episode.

The anti-CRT sentiment has now made its way to Mississippi after Governor Tate Reeves signed a bill into motion that will limit the discussion of race within The Magnolia State's school system.