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Rep. Maxwell Frost Calls Out Marjorie Taylor Greene

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene does not like being called a white supremacist. She appears to get really offended by the label, and she’s even compared it to a Black person being called a racial slur (we’ll circle back to that in a second). Now, to anyone who is not a card-carrying QMoron who treats substanceless conspiracy theories like they were inscribed on Moses’ holy tablets, Greene being offended by being called a white supremacist is like Gargamel taking issue with being accused of liking blue and sentient food.

Anyway, because Greene does not like being called the thing she works so hard to prove herself to be (again, we’ll circle back), it was fun watching America’s first Gen Z congressman, Rep. Maxwell Frost (D-Fla.), call the congresswoman from Georgia out after she denounced white supremacists in Ukraine during a House Oversight Committee hearing.

“It’s interesting to hear my colleague just now talk about disavowing white supremacists when in 2022 she spoke at an event led by white supremacists and white nationalist Nick Fuentes,” Frost, who is Black, said on the House floor.

“When asked about it, [Greene] doubled down on it and said, ‘We’re going to focus on people, not labels,’” he continued, adding, “So get out of here with that damn hypocrisy.”

In 2022, Greene and GOP Rep. Paul Gosar participated in the America First Political Action Conference (AFPAC) in Orlando (Gosar wasn’t there in person, but he addressed the crowd in a prerecorded video). The event was organized and hosted by Fuentes, a man who doesn’t shy away from his white nationalist label, and who, during the very event Greene also spoke at, expressed enthusiastic support for Vladimir Putin and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In fact, Fuentes’ entire existence in media and politics revolves around being an unabashed bigot and Holocaust denier. The man once called for a “white uprising” aimed at keeping Donald Trump in office.

But MTG doesn’t think she should be associated with white supremacists like Fuentes. (All she did was be a dedicated advocate for people involved in a “white uprising” aimed at keeping Trump in office and lament that the Jan. 6 Capitol riot wasn’t successful, after all.) In fact, she claimed that at the time she spoke at AFPAC, she didn’t know anything about Fuentes’ views, despite the fact that those views are demonstrably not dissimilar to her own.

Last year, Marjorie Taylor Greene insisted that being called a white supremacist is the same as a Black person being called the N-word.

“It’s like calling a person of color the N-word which should never happen,” she said. “Calling me a white supremacist is equal to that. That is wrong.”

First of all, there’s an entire 400-year history of anti-Black oppression behind the coining of the N-word, and that oppression was carried out by white supremacists who have never legally been regarded as second-class citizens, so, no, the two labels are not “equal.” Secondly, Black people are called the N-word just because we’re Black, whereas, Greene gets called a white supremacist because if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, well, you know the rest.

In fact, here’s a question: If “white supremacist” is a slur just like the N-word, what is it when a white person is making “jihad” references to Muslim women, or likening Black people to slaves?

From my previous reporting on MTG:

Now here’s the part where I remind you that Greene once suggested that Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota) and Rashida Tlaib (D-Michigan) weren’t “really official” members of Congress because they didn’t take the oath of office on the Bible and said they “should go back to the Middle East” despite Omar being born in Somalia and Tlaib being born in *checks notes* Detroit. (Greene also joined Rep. Lauren Boebert in referring to Omar as a “Jihad Squad” member.)

Greene has also called Black people “slaves” to Democrats, said that Black and Hispanic men are only “held back by gangs and dealing drugs” and compared Black Lives Matter to the Ku Klux Klan as if there is any history of BLM representatives bombing churches, burning crosses on lawns and lynching thousands of people in the name of racial purity.

Greene also filmed herself ranting about an “Islamic invasion” of the U.S. government because Muslims were being elected to office. I mean, if she ain’t a white supremacist, then what do you call this?

The point is if Maxwell Frost was implying that Greene is a white supremacist who is only pretending to rebuke white supremacists—where exactly is the lie? 


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