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Favoritism & Discipline | Get To It With Pruitt

African American father and his son.

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Today’s Get To It With Pruitt is a complicated one. Our listener wants us to know that she has been married to this great man for several years. He’s been a wonderful stepdad to her children.

She’s got one child that’s five and another one that’s 16. The problem is that he favors one over the other. She says that he does not like the way she disciplines the oldest one. He feels that there should be some corporal punishment for this kid because he’s just been doing horrible things. He’s in and out of juvie, steals a family car, and so on and so forth. But she wants to sit down and talk to him and try to win.


He is threatening the relationship because of this disconnect that they have. She doesn’t want to lose her marriage, but she also doesn’t want to lose her son and she thinks that’s what’s going to happen.

How would our resident life coach, Robert Pruitt handle this situation? Take a listen.