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Someone Please Help My Son | Get Into It With Pruitt

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This week Get Into It With Pruitt is an emotional one. Read this anonymous letter below:

My husband and I have been happily married for 10 years. Although we have a great relationship, our marriage is being tested. My son is a struggling drug addict. He’s 23 and was 13 when my husband came into our lives. Through the years he’s battled depression. I feel responsible because my son’s father not only abused me, but he also abused my son. I stayed with my ex-husband for nine years. If only I had left earlier in the beginning.

His father, who is also an addict, recently died from an overdose. The issue is my husband gave me an ultimatum. Either he stays or my son leaves. We’ve had problems with my son stealing and lying, but I don’t want him out in the streets. He has nowhere to go. I know my son has turned to drugs to deal with his childhood trauma. How can I abandon him? It will save my marriage if I kick him out. But who’s going to save my son?


Listen to our resident life coach Robert Pruitt to get his thoughts on this situation.