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Former President Barack Obama and his wife, Former First Lady Michelle Obama, have been moved out of the White House for the better part of a decade now. They’re still opinionated public figures who dare to express their opinions, so they might make headlines here and there. But unlike certain ex-presidents—not pointing any baby fingers—Obama managed to not get indicted under multiple federal and state charges including a RICO indictment. So the Obamas are not in the news like that.

But for some reason, the iconic presidential power couple continues to reside in a luxury hotel sweet rent-free in the minds of many outspoken conservatives, and it’s just getting increasingly unclear why that is.

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In other words: What is Megyn Kelly even talking about?

Kelly recently sat down with Newsmax’s Eric Bolling and, for whatever reason, the pair of cartoonishly hyperbolic conservative commentators entertained the idea that Michelle Obama is a democratic savior who would be a shoo-in if she were to run for president in 2024.

Has Michelle Obama ever expressed the least, most minuscule modicum of interest in running for president? Nope. Has she publicly and explicitly stated that would never run for president? Yes, multiple times.

But none of that matters because, apparently, the Washington Times published some random article claiming some Democrats said Obama has the “it factor” to become president.

“There are a lot of people who think the Obamas are already running the government and that there is some sort of shadow puppet situation going on that they’re controlling,” Kelly said, in reference to largely imaginary people she must have looked up on

“I think Michelle Obama is seen as a savior figure by the Democrats,” Kelly continued. “However, she’s also gonna motivate Republicans. And I’m sure she’ll say, ‘I’m motivating to them because they’re all racists.’ No, it’s because you don’t like America.”

“This woman has no faith in the goodness of Americans, at least not if they have the little ‘R’ after their name as opposed to the little ‘D,’” Kelly went on to say.

I’m sorry—what the hell is going on here?

So, Kelly and Bolling have constructed in their own minds a scenario where Michelle is running for president despite the fact that she has said without a shred of ambiguity that she is not. And while serving as a make-believe “savior figure” to make-believe Democrats in this completely make-believe scenarioin which the Obamas are also the current administration’s make-believe puppet mastersMichelle has galvanized make-believe Republicans. And then Michelle had the make-believe nerve to play the make-believe race card in explaining why. Unbelievable! (Literally.)

Come on, Kelly, you couldn’t possibly be this angry over the fiction you just created.

It’s like when ex-ESPN commentator Sage Steele—whom Kelly has interviewed recently—suggested that Barack shouldn’t identify as solely Black because his Black father was never in his life. Much like Steele has imagined the notion that literally anyone cares that she identifies as biracial, she appeared to have imagined the former president ever saying that he only identified as Black, while the rest of us live in a reality where Obama never shied away from talking about the Caucasian biological mother who raised him. 

Right now, Michelle and Barack Obama are somewhere minding their own business and/or wondering, “Why am I even in this?” while continuing to enjoy their post-political lives, which they do while joining the rest of the entire world in not discussing Michelle’s make-believe presidential run or how Sage Steele identifies racially.

But fine. Since we’re here now, let’s entertain what Kelly says about Michelle and her dislike of the country she was*checks notes*—the First Lady of for eight years.

So, Michelle doesn’t like America because she doesn’t like Republicans but is OK with Democrats? It appears that while crafting in her mind a fictional world in which Michelle is the Democratic party’s presidential Jesus, Kelly has also conjured up a world where conservative Republicans don’t vehemently and consistently show their contempt for liberal Democrats.

Just about every single prominent Republican politician and pundit, including Kelly herself, has expressed negative views of Democrats, “leftists,” immigrants, Black Lives Matter advocates (and/or Black lives in general), Muslims, the LGBTQ community, feminists, critical race theorists, pro-choice advocates, and, of course, the ubiquitous “woke.”

These are also Americans that hard-right conservatives have “no faith in the goodness of.” Is Kelly ready to acknowledge that neither she nor the rest of her ideological ilk honestly like America either? Is she essentially saying that no one really likes America?

Nahbecause I would respect that. At least that notion would apply the same logic to everyone, flawed though the “logic” may be. But what Kelly is doing is what has become conservative America’s favorite tactic: She’s complaining about America being divided—and the “divisive” liberal Democrats—while pretending conservatives aren’t just as much part of the divide as everyone else. 

Either we all hate America, or none of us do and we’re all just fighting for our own idea of what America should be. You don’t get to have it both ways.


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