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Notes From The Field: Anna Deavere Smith In Conversation With Valerie Jarrett & Van Jones

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On the day Donald Trump was arrested, Van Jones felt bad for that “Granddad”.

During a segment on CNN’s coverage of “The Arrest and Arraignment of Donald Trump”, Black political commentator Van Jones took it upon himself to bring his peculiar perspective on the situation at hand.

Prior to that statement, Jones expressed more empathy towards the 45th president during CNN’s broadcast.

“You never feel more helpless than in that situation, the government is bigger than you. The state is bigger than you. You don’t have power and control. You’re looking at people who can control your life. And it’s a very bad feeling, and I think that there’s really nothing to celebrate here, even those of us who are opponents of his politics and his policies.”

“This is a sobering moment, I think for him. And there’s a lot of pain that comes as you go through this process. There’s pain in his marriage. There’s pain for your kids. He’s a grandfather. There’s a lot of human stuff that the cameras can capture. But I can tell you, having spent time with defendants, this is one of the worst moments of anybody’s life.”


This isn’t the first time Van Jones has been under scrutiny for caping for Trump or the right-winged side of the table. His appearance on The View two years ago was an indicator that when under pressure, Van Jones doesn’t fair very well.

The View – Van Jones Interview

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