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One of the biggest questions every off-season for at least 3 years is why Eric Bienemy does not have an NFL Head Coaching gig. Bienemy has been the coordinator of the Kansas City Chiefs, helmed by quarterback Patrick Mahomes who boasts one of the best offenses in the league. Could it be he gives bad job interviews? Is it because of the shadow of Kansas City Head Coach, offensive guru, and future hall of fame Andy Reid hovering over him? Is it because he’s Black? Former NFL star running back LeSean McCoy has his opinion and let’s just say it’s less than stellar.

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McCoy, who is the co-host of the Fox Sports television show “Speak” gave his opinion on his former coach and now assistant head coach and offensive coordinator for the Washington Commanders, saying “What’s his value? What makes him a good offensive coordinator?” McCoy also said “I’ve been in the rooms where he’s coaching, and he has nothing to do with the passing game at all. When the plays are designed, that’s Andy Reid.”




McCoy did say that he hopes the coach is successful but to some, that compliment was backhanded.”


Former NFL cornerback and Super Bowl Champion Otis Smith stopped by the Russ Parr Morning Show to talk about McCoy’s comments and if he should be as vocal as he is considering the NFL Brotherhood.







RUSS PARR: All right, this close-knit family that y’all supposed to have. I know you heard (LeSean) Shady McCoy’s comments, were you? Did you agree with him?

OTIS SMITH: Well, you know, guys in the league or that was in the league and they trying to keep themselves alive by saying things that you know I think they should keep their mouths closed on. And this thing about Andy Reid, you know he’s a great play caller, he’s a great head coach and offensive coordinator, don’t get me wrong, but Bienemy is up and up and coming, and I think he’s been up and coming for a while. For whatever reason, he’s not getting a fair shake in terms of becoming a head coach in the NFL, but go back to you with your question is he a play caller? He is, you know, and I’ve seen him on the sideline calling some plays and you look at this past Super Bowl Andy Reid really gave him a lot of props after the game saying that he did a great job and making some decisions on the sideline was he just was he the final play caller? Or, uh, I doubt it, because that’s the end of week job and to make sure that everything goes the way he wanted to go.

SUPA KEN: But isn’t that kind of, you know, strange thing to jump out there on national television and the trash that man like that I see having a private conversation with a friend. But for him to be so public about it was something that you were accustomed to, you know? When were you balling?

SMITH: If you watch TV that’s getting, that’s just his opinion. He was giving his opinion publicly, say, brotherly love, but that’s really, you know, you have some friends in the league and I still have some friends that I play with. But most of the guys that I play with, I don’t even talk to anymore. So, you know, you could say brotherly love if you want, you know, it is a comradery that’s like no other. Don’t get me wrong, because what we do when we are around one another, everybody is, you know, cordial and you know, respectful. But you know, it’s just some guys you play with and you hang with some guys that’s on the team. You may not even know. Their names for a while there.