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Pastor Mike

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Pastor Mike Jr., released his new album Impossible this week and joined Darlene on The Nightly Spirit to discuss the album, his career journey, and his thoughts on how the industry can continue to grow.

Seeing firsthand the work and journey he’s been on, he opens up about what this moment means to him, as well as all the musical accolades he’s accomplished over the past few years.


Named “artist of the year” at the Stellar Awards for the past two years, he opens up about being patient, having faith in God, and remaining humble.

“And I know what it’s like to be pregnant with vision, and you’re constantly asking God when is it my turn so man, what I did was I was just loving people and being sincere. Here and it’s funny man because I feel like I’m everybody, little brother. You know that everybody is happy like have you heard some so happy you have heard PMJ’s? So I’m just excited to be here.” 

Besides the album, they also touch on his thoughts on which platforms he sees an opportunity for the Gospel industry to use to continue to grow, the need for more support and collaboration amongst each other, and a powerful message he hopes everyone can try to live by in 2023!
Catch the entire interview below from The Nightly Spirit and be sure to go support his new album Impossible out now!


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