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We have become numb. Those are the words of Russ Parr in regards to the mass shootings and lack of movement around stricter gun laws in the United States. Hear more from Russ Parr in is Russ Rant below:




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What up y’all it’s Russ Parr, time from my rant. Okay, you know, the numbers don’t lie. And I gotta tell you, we are becoming just the most numb, desensitized group in the entire world. I look at the stat. 200 mass shootings. That’s defined by four people shot and more at a time. 200 mass shootings since the beginning of this year. Okay, wait, there’s more. 16 mass shootings over this weekend. 16. 27 school shootings since the beginning of this year. There’s more. 34 last year. But we have all these excuses. Oh, rap music. Now, these guys are coming out with video games. Now the guy says they weren’t Christians. Of course in Texas, the governor there said that mental illnesses are the issue, which is kind of crazy since you slashed, what? We’re just about $200 million of programs in mental health when people need it in Texas.

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It just seems like we have a group on the right that is so interested in protecting the pockets of the NRA. And look during these times in the pandemic and the whole nine. A lot of businesses took it in the shorts. I just don’t understand why the NRA just cannot do its part by saying okay, well assault weapons, it’s not fair. Police officers are fearful of moving in on a mass shooter that has an AR-15 Because they don’t have weaponry that will match it. But here’s the saddest part on all this. The mass shooting yesterday in Oklahoma. I actually saw on social media where people said “just four? Whew.” Wow, okay, it was only four. It was only four people killed. Were like, wow, this is progress. This is fucked up.


We’re at the point where we’re going like, wasn’t as bad as Uvalde. Just four. Just one is one too many but this is where we are now. We are now so desensitized. We are so like, we are so numb to the reality of what’s happening in our country. When we can do one simple thing that 80% of Americans want is to enforce stricter background checks. But these guys cannot enforce stricter background checks because they’re receiving a check. And I’m talking about both parties are dirty and disgusting and needing to be removed. I keep saying it. But just for that’s where we’re at. That’s my rant.

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