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In a span of 10 days, there have been 2 mass shootings that have shaken the United States and advanced the debate around gun control. In both shootings, the suspects were both 18 years old and questions from how old should you be to obtain a firearm to do we really need AR-15s are being talked about. Democrats and Republicans are both in the crossfire in this heated discussion and with the American public wanting answers on how to solve the problem where according to reports there have been more mass shootings than days of the year thus far in the US.

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Conservative talker Armstrong Williams stopped by the Russ Parr Morning Show to speak on the topic of gun laws. What role does social media play in these mass shootings? Is there any law that can keep these shootings from happening?

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Russ Parr: Obviously the mass killing in Texas has the country devastated and this is not the first time we’ve been down this path and looking at these young kids. I gotta ask you, with 90% of Americans, including gun owners wanting some kind of gun control, just background checks, and I know you’re a gun owner, I am too. Is it? So? Is it? Is it so difficult to get 70 senators to vote, just to have background checks? Can you explain it to me and everybody listening?

Armstrong Williams: Good morning, you could have all the gun legislation, every senator pass that legislation, everything, every gun person who wants to restrict at once, and it’s not going to change anything. I mean, why do you want to make yourself believe that restricted guns will keep it out of the hands, not only of criminals but someone like this kid who really wants to go out and who’s in a serious mental state of illness and just goes out and just to destroy people’s lives and a massacre. One of the things that we don’t talk about is how often the people have their firearms in a very safe and conceal way where they’ve been trained, and how often a prevent lives will be destroyed and their families from being harmed. We’d like to talk about issues. We’ve been having these conversations for the last 10 years, and nothing has really changed. What needs to happen is that this kid posted on social media, he just shot his grandmother, no, I just killed my grandmother. No, I’m on my way to an elementary school to kill kids. Those algorithms should have alerted someone in authority right away that this was a dangerous person. This was posted. He did not try to hide it. There must be laws when these young people place these manifestos like the one in Buffalo, that demon saying what he was about to do? Those that cannot be private anymore. You must hear that.

RP: Can I just stop you real quick here? Obviously, he has mental issues. And when you have a governor of a state that cuts all the mental programs to address these issues. Isn’t the onus on our laws the onus on our elected officials?

AW: No, that’s all part of the issue. The onus is on the family who hears about these threats, the onus is on their friends who hear about these threats. I mean, you can have it again, most people listen to us and have common sense. Put all the laws on the books that you want, until you alert people that this person is a threat to society, you could have even gotten it right a million times. And all it takes is for them to get it right once and lives are destroyed forever. We need to talk about real solutions that are going to change this chaotic and madness situation that is happening in our country right now.

RP: Is one of the solutions to allow an 18-year-old to be able to purchase an AR-15 and 350 rounds of ammunition?

AW: Then pass a law where you cannot own a firearm until you’re 21 years old.

RP: I’m with that, so why can’t we get your your your political, your political animal. And I don’t mean that in a negative way. Why can’t we get 70 senators because everybody’s dirty up there, man? There’s NRA money in Democrats’ and Republicans’ pockets. It’s just the insensitive comments from the Republicans when they should just shut up and stop selling well, it could have been worse or he in the pandemic bothered. We’re making up excuses. And we’re going to be down this road again. Why can’t wait all these years? Why can’t they get together and pass some meaningful legislation?

AW: That’s because what they’re passing is not meaningful. They passed before, what do you need to do is pass legislation along the lines of what we’re talking about today, you got to change the laws, you got to change the penalties if you’re threatening with a manifesto that you’re going to kill people, you’re gonna be put away at a missing mental institution. You cannot have the ACLU protected otherwise and said unless they go out and carry out this manifesto, it’s meaningless. That has to change.

RP: Alright, I’m sorry. I’m out of time. But I just wanted to get it because you’re a conservative and I’m just really disappointed in some of the comments that come from people that represent your ideology. But you know, you can’t be held responsible for that. So I appreciate your opinion. I don’t totally agree with everything that you’re saying. But at the same time, you’re not wrong. And I just think we’re at a point now in these United States where we’ve actually seen other countries that have some meaning meaningful legislation where they have zero school shootings zero, and we can’t we just can’t do anything about it when you’ve got Yeah, Romney and you got Cruz taking you know 70% of their, you know, their donations come from the NRA. You expect them to go against the masters.

AW: It didn’t No, no, you’re wrong again it’s not about Romney and Cruz these are countries that don’t see this kind of violence will not allow a kid to make those kinds of threats without arresting them immediately.

RP: I’m so glad I didn’t tell you you were wrong. I’m so glad that I didn’t tell you a wrong about your opinion. But it’s okay because this is what me and you do and I will call you later but I can tell I’m fed up.

AW: We need real legislation that works. Real meat that works.

RP: Now that we agree on. That’s that’s what we agree on. We just need to agree on what that meat is. And Army. It’s good talking with you, bro.