1. Standoff Between Massachusetts Police and ‘Moorish Arms’ Group

What You Need To Know:

An hours-long standoff between Massachusetts police and a group of armed men, identified as members of a Moorish American Arms group, began early Saturday morning on Interstate 95, outside of Boston.

2. Hate Crime Charge for Woman in NYC Hotel Confrontation

What You Need To Know:

The woman who falsely accused a Black teenager of stealing her cellphone has been charged with a hate crime.

3. Coronavirus Update: ‘Summer of Love’ Could Lead to Boom in STD Infections

What We Need To Know: 

Health experts are warning Americans of a possible increase in sexually transmitted diseases (STD) as more people return to normal post-pandemic.

“We are expecting the summer of love,” said David Harvey, executive director of the National Coalition of STD Directors.

4. Ohio Police Chief Puts’ Ku Klux Klan’ Note On Black Officer’s Coat ‘As A Joke


What You Need To Know:

Police Chief Anthony Campo from Ohio’s Sheffield Lake Police Department has been placed on administrative leave after surveillance video showed him printing out a note that reads “Ku Klux Klan” and placing it on a Black officer’s raincoat.

5. LL Cool J’s “Doin’ It” in the Business World

What You Need To Know:

LL Cool J has always demonstrated a forward-thinking sense in music and in other areas of art.