1. A Long-Awaited End and Greatly Anticipated Beginning

What You Need To Know:

Without fear of exaggeration, this will be the most unusual Inauguration Day in modern American history. At the request of the incoming President of the United States, it will be the smallest inauguration in terms of attendance. As a result of the insurrection two weeks ago, it will be the most heavily guarded.

2. Amanda Gorman to Make History as the Youngest to Deliver Inaugural Poem

What You Need To Know:

Today’s inauguration will feature many historical moments. Kamala Harris will officially become the first African American, Asian American, female and HBCU graduate to be sworn in as vice president.

3. Coronavirus Update: As CDC Predicts 500,000 Deaths by February, Mask Wearing is Even More Crucial

What You Need To Know:

February could prove to be especially deadly as officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention expect the death toll from Covid-19 to hit 500,000. More than 400,000 Americans have already succumbed to the virus.

4. Black Unarmed D.C. Security Guard Facing Legal Troubles For Defending Herself Against Trump Mob

What You Need To Know:

Ashanti Smith, a 28-year-old Black unarmed security guard whose altercation with a mob of Trump supporters went viral on social media, is now facing legal troubles after defending herself from being attacked on January 5. She shared her recollection of the events in a recent interview on SiriusXM’s The Clay Cane Show.

5. Is Amazon’s $2 Billion Affordable Housing Injection Enough?

What You Need To Know:

Amazon (AMZN +0.65%) is throwing $2 billion at the housing crisis in Seattle with its Housing Equity Fund to preserve and create over 20,000 affordable housing units.


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