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Last night Georgia held what many consider the most important senate runoff vote in U.S. history and now that it looks like democrats will retake control of the Senate, Americans took to Twitter to give Stacey Abrams her flowers for making the impossible happen.

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According to Raw Story, the Twitterverse erupted with joy and gratitude for Abrams after it began to seem clear that democratic senate candidates Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff were Washington bound as they took the leads over their republican opponents, Sen. Kelly Loeffler amd Sen. David Purdue. Long thought to be a deep red state, Stacy Abrams spent the last few years convincing people to register to vote and got them to the poles after she herself was robbed of the Governorship in Atlanta via a concerted effort by Republicans to suppress minority votes.

Though Republicans were successful in their efforts to rob Abrams of the prize in the 2018 gubernatorial election, they failed to realize that they put the battery in the back of a political terminator who set off on a mission to change the future for decades to come. Just months after doing everything to could to help secure Georgia’s 16 electoral votes for Joe Biden, she was once again out on the grind to ensure that the Peach State threw their support behind both Warnock and Ossoff in yesterday’s election.

Knowing just how important a role she played in keeping America’s democracy from turning into an autocracy, everyone who knew the importance of yesterday’s results took to social media to thank her for the work she’s been putting in the last few years. Check out some of the tweets below and don’t forget to thank her should you ever run into her out in the streets.

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