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1. Susan Rice to Lead Biden Domestic Policy Council

What You Need To Know:

Foreign Policy expert, Dr. Susan Rice, has been selected to lead the White House Domestic Policy Council.

2. Black Democratic State Rep Stripped of Duties for ‘Unacceptable’ Response to Lynching Threats

What You Need To Know:

Michigan state Rep. Cynthia Johnson, a Black Democratic lawmaker, has been punished by Republican leaders after she posted a video on Facebook in response to harassment and threats of lynching.

3. Coronavirus Update: Fauci to African Americans: ‘The Time is Now to Put Skepticism Aside”

 What You Need To Know:

During a conversation this week with a coalition of Black doctors, faith leaders and academics, Dr. Anthony Fauci urged African Americans to have confidence in the COVID-19 vaccine.

4. Johns Hopkins, Praised As An Abolitionist, Was Actually A Slave Owner

What You Need To Know:

Johns Hopkins University announced on Wednesday that its founder and namesake, who was believed to be “an early and staunch abolitionist” actually owned at least five slaves, according to new research revealed in census records from 1840-1850.


5. Millennials Shelling Out Big Racks for Fine Art Work

What You Need To Know:

Many millennials are foregoing starter homes and instead buying art. They are choosing to leave the cheap reprints in their college dorm rooms and invest in original pieces by fine artists.


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