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Tina Turner is speaking out about surviving her abusive marriage to Ike Turner.

In a new interview with the Guardian in support of her new book, “Happiness Becomes You: A Guide To Changing Your Life For Good,” the music icon said: “Over the years I have summoned up my inner lion and overcome each health problem. Illness has given me a greater appreciation for health and reminds me to live each day to its fullest,” she explained.

Turner added, “Buddhism found me. The abuse I endured in my 20s and 30s had become obvious to people around me, and at different times a number of them suggested that I learn about Buddhism.”


The singer said it was through Buddhism that she was able to “leave the unhealthy environment with no regrets.”

“Now that I’m in my 80s, resilience and endurance are still my strongest assets. I’ll tell you a secret to joyful endurance. It’s to never complain, no matter what challenges life sends your way’ noting that complaining can ‘erase good fortune,” she added.

Turner also opened up about her journey with the Mirror, saying “I wouldn’t change a thing. I embrace the entirety of my life’s journey. Each part has contributed to me becoming who I am today, and I’m very happy now.”

She continued, “There were a number of difficult experiences that could have shattered me, but instead became fuel for my journey, propelling me upward.”

“After surviving years of abuse, I knew I had an innate resilience I could tap into. If I could increase that, I knew I could become unshakably happy and make my dreams come true.”

In her new book, Turner recalls the moment she learned her son Craig commited suicide (in 2018). She writes: “I was in Paris with Erwin to celebrate our anniversary and attend our friend Giorgio Armani’s fashion show. After the show, I was about to go to bed when Erwin received an urgent message from Los Angeles. Craig had died by suicide.

“It’s been almost two years now, but I miss Craig as much as ever. Craig suffered from profound loneliness, which I believe was related to clinical depression. He was close to his younger brother, but he suffered in silence. It wasn’t until his sudden death I began to understand that Craig faced serious mental health challenges.”

Turner hopes her book inspires readers to pursue Buddhism.



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