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They say that you don’t know who your real friends are until hard times hit and Flex Alexander has found a solid friend in fellow actor Chris Spencer. The two married entertainers came together to chat on Instagram Live via @BlackLove and recalled a time where Chris came through for him.

Nearly a decade ago Flex, who is married to singer Shanice, was experiencing a tough time financially and his friend showed up in a way he will never forget.

For the first time ever, 50-year-old Flex confesses to Shanice on live that he accepted money from his friend Chris to take her out for their wedding anniversary.

[It was] our anniversary and I couldn’t do anything for you. And Chris, he gave me $350 so that I can take you out. He went to The Comedy Store and he texts me the check they gave him at the Comedy Store was the exact amount. 

I just say that because you really find out who your real friends are when things are bad. When things are great, everybody loves you. I appreciate you, man.



Flex and Shanice have been married since 2000. They have two kids together.

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