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It may be a wrap for Nicki Minaj and her husband Kenneth Petty, at least that’s what the “streets” and the internet is thinking. There’s a rumor going around about the couple quietly splitting.

Nicki, who is usually very active on social media, hasn’t posted any photos on Instagram since she and Petty visited Trinidad back in February. On that trip, Nicki had to apologize for Kenny’s repugnant behavior towards one of the other artists performing alongside Nicki at the Carnivale after the goon put hands on him. When the trip was over, Kenneth was immediately arrested for failing to register as a sex offender when they returned home in Los Angeles. 


Fast forward, what’s going on with Nicki and Kenneth now? Nicki went on twitter and changed her name from “Mrs. Petty” to “Yikes”, a single that came out months ago. This has fans thinking she decided to DITCH Kenny, who is full of legal troubles.

The Queen Barb still hasn’t posted anything new, she just logged on to change her moniker on Twitter. Does she NOT want to be Mrs. Petty anymore? Nicki, where are you to address these rumors?

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Do you think it’s’ REALLY a wrap for the star and her troubled hubby?

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