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Activist Leslie Mac is taking aim at Shaun King by accusing the journalist of fraud — again.

Mac, co-founder the Ferguson Response Network and co-creator the Safety Pin Box subscription service, took to Twitter to warn people not to contribute to King’s coronavirus-related fundraiser — the C19 Help Squad.

“I knew he couldn’t resist jumping in to capitalize on this crisis,” Mac wrote. “Don’t let him.”

“You’re an opportunistic predator, and you should be ashamed of yourself,” wrote one user who said they “possibly” have coronavirus, per the Daily Dot “You are better supporting better groups,” wrote journalist Ernest Owens.

Others criticized the vagueness of King’s campaign’s description, which reads: “We’re building a team to help people, families, & businesses in need. Follow @C19HelpSquad & commit to helping at least one person in need. More info to come.”

King previously faced harsh criticism over his fundraising efforts for victims of racial injustice in America.  In 2015, he was also pressed over whether he is really biracial. Most recently, activist DeRay Mckesson called on King to back away all together from fundraising for the culture.

Meanwhile, social media pages for King’s C19 Help Squad are now live as well as the website for the platform.

“We are forming a national team of everyday people to help. We want YOU, no, WE NEED YOU to join us,” reads a post on the @C19HelpSquad Instagram page. ?“If you want to GIVE help, you can join us. ?If you need to GET help, you can join us.”

The Instagram page links to the website where people can either give or receive assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

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