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Could it be over between iconic gymnast Simone Biles and her beau, fellow gymnast Stacey Ervin, Jr.?


We’re wondering that after noticing posts featuring both parties on their respective social media pages have been few and far between over the last few months. And while Ervin still follows Biles on social media, she no longer follows him on Instagram.


Last year, she posted about him pretty consistently (the largest gap would be a few weeks), but the last time she shared a photo with Ervin was on January 12. The two were at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in the image. That was also the last time he shared a photo of her.

Also, March 14 was the Olympic gold medalist’s birthday, and we know that USA Gymnastics tried to wish her a happy birthday and played themselves. However, fans noticed that Ervin had no birthday wishes to share for his long-standing #WCW. Instead, he shared video of himself working out in a deserted gym as coronavirus fears took over.

We’re hopeful things are copacetic between the pair, because we’re big fans of their love. Biles seemed at her happiest with Ervin, and that might have had something to do with him being her first boyfriend.

She also stated last fall, on his birthday, that he was “the man of my dreams.”

“So many things I love about you,” she wrote in October. “Your energy lights up an entire room. you’re a true gentleman and you always put others first! Your mindset, grit and your passion for greatness. 26 will be a great one! Never stop being you Stacey Ervin Jr. I love you.”

And the last heartfelt message he wrote for her was after their baecation together.

“To say I am grateful for you would be an understatement,” he wrote. “Spending the last week together in a tropical paradise was absolutely amazing. Truth be told, anywhere together is our paradise – even in the cold (although you hate the cold, & would probably say you want to leave ASAP while attempting to fit inside my jacket with me). I love you, & know I’ve got your back…through it all.”

The pair could have been taking a break as she competed and trained intensely for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, which were officially postponed this week. We’ll have to wait and see if that’s all there is to it, but certainly, we ladies don’t unfollow a guy we’ve dated for more than two years for no reason.

Biles and Ervin have been dating since 2017. But aside from unfollowing him, she’s erased Ervin, Jr. from her social media. Even though the pic below was taken on a recent trip to Disney World, Ervin, Jr. has been downgraded to little bit of wrist.

This is all a stark contrast from the images they shared looking very much in love while vacationing together to Belize at the end of last year.

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It’s unclear where the two stand, but the 23-year-old star did share a cryptic tweet at the end of February.