It feels like the only topic in the headlines these days are related to coronavirus. Although it is vital for us to stay informed during this time, we admit that we need a break here and there from COVID-19 updates.

Here are 10 entertainment and news stories you may have missed this week:

A man who was previously on Atlanta’s “most wanted” list will spend the rest of his life in prison after being convicted of shooting and killing his partner in a bank fraud scheme. Continue reading.

A judge has ruled that NeNe Leakes’ oldest son must take a DNA test to prove whether he fathered a six-year-old. Continue reading.

Investigators have found no evidence of drug use or suicide at the scene of Josie Harris, the mother to three of Floyd Mayweather’s children, who was found dead in her car by police in California on last week. She was 40. Continue reading.

Connecticut police officer who fired through the windshield of a car coming at him and killed the 18-year-old driver was justified in using deadly force, a state prosecutor announced Wednesday. Continue reading.

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