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The women of “The Real,” are on a four-week hiatus right now. But before they dipped, they pre-recorded a gang of episodes to last throughout the duration. Knowing what we know now, it couldn’t have come at a better time.


In order to fill out the episodes, the women spoke less about the news and about more evergreen topics. One of them was breaking up with someone once you realized they weren’t as woke as you’d like. They ultimately decided that there’s a difference between someone being ignorant about certain things or “not woke” versus someone who had no interest in learning or doing their own research.

Being that she’s in an interracial relationship, Tamera chimed in with her own stories about realizing that Adam Housley, her husband of more than seven years, would be comfortable with her Black family members. She spoke about watching him closely during her sister Tia’s wedding to Cory Hardrict. Her family gave her the validation she needed.

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“Yes, we love Adam. He feels comfortable with us.”

She said she knew then that he would be good in racially diverse settings.

Then she shared another incident that let her know Adam would be good being with a Black woman.

“Then there was the time I remember when we started dating. I had a weft in my hair. For those who don’t know what that means, that is like tracks. And you know when you’re like making out and you’re really, really into it.

I remember at one point, he was so sweet, he just stopped. He didn’t say anything because I don’t think he wanted to hurt my feelings. He just didn’t understand. I said, ‘Oh baby, that’s okay. That’s a weft. Just keep on going. He’s always open to learning. And on his side, I learned about wine…you know, the wine culture.”

Check out her story in the video below.