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What You Need To Know: 

Andrea is a 57-year-old single mother of four adopted children, Isis (13), Jordan (9), Genesis (8), and Malachi (7).

Being raised by her grandmother, her cupboards are always filled, and the two outside freezers are to capacity with meat and frozen vegetables. She has plenty of toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, and basic necessities. The household is set until July.

Her problem – what to do with the kids? Being an “older mom” of elementary and middle school children, when her kids are at school is her much needed time to regroup and get her head right to deal with four active children. Spring break was just coming to an end when she got the “devastating news” that spring break was extended another two weeks. “No,” she exclaimed! “If they don’t go to school, they have to go somewhere. I need a break!”

After talking with God and her sister, Andrea realized that “it is what it is” and that she was going to have to get it together. Vowing not to allow the tablets that Uncle Don gave them for Christmas to act as babysitters, she is determined to keep them on schedule so when school starts back, they will be in learning mode and would not have fallen behind.

The first day got off to a good start, getting up, making up beds, putting on clothes, then downstairs for breakfast, and afterward, their lessons began. After two hours of learning, they took a break, followed by lunch. After lunch, they all took a nice walk around the corner for a little exercise. Then, it was back to the kitchen table for more studying. By 6pm they had played a game and were all reading a book. Andrea, who struggles daily with the children completing their homework was very impressed with herself and sat down to bask in the glow of achievement when she received a phone alert that school was closed indefinitely. After Genesis revived her, she understands that all she has to do is take it day-by-day. That’s how she has made it for the past seven years: with love, dedication, and determination one day at a time.