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Gayle King has drawn the ire of  Kobe Bryant’s mourning fans. In an interview on “CBS This Morning” King asked former L.A. Sparks star and Bryant friend Lisa Leslie did she think supporting him was ‘complicated.”

A poised Leslie said that in her twenty-year friendship with Kobe she’d never seen him being aggressive with women. When King pressed the issue by saying Leslie wouldn’t have known if he had been, Leslie responded by saying that the case was resolved and it shouldn’t stain his legacy.

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Social media’s response was quick, condemning King for even bringing up the allegations, which stem from a 2003 visit to Eagle, Colorado. Bryant was there for knee surgery when a hotel concierge caught his eye. He says that the ensuing sexual encounter was consensual.

She said she was raped. The two agreed on the terms of a confidential civil settlement in 2005, without the case ever going to trial. As the allegations were resolved 15 years ago, which gave anyone interested in the case ample time to question Bryant about it, social media was quick to question King’s agenda.


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in all fairness, King did also ask Leslie to share more memories of Bryant and she did, talking about how he was so popular overseas it was hard for him to move around.


The allegations did resurface after Bryant’s 2018 Oscar win for  Best Animated Short Film for “Dear Basketball” but were quickly dismissed by most. However he was denied admission to The National Academy Of Arts and Sciences (NARAS) the organization that votes on the Oscars and many believe the allegations likely played a role. 

Vanessa Bryant has also obviously been mourning her husband and daughter. She shared more memories of them both via Instagram today.


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