Last week, Terry Crews jumped off the cliff of white patriarchy to defend America’s Got Talent and their subsequent decision to terminate ex-judge Gabrielle Union from the show.

Crews tweeted the following, putting a permanent stake in the ground of where his loyalty lies, and it clearly isn’t with Union.

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All of this stems from Crews’ recent interview on the Today show, where he asked about Unions’ departure on the Today show, where he said that his time as a host has resulted in “the most diverse place I have ever been in my 20 years of entertainment.”

It was a direct affront to Union after it was revealed in a Variety report that she was told her hair was “too Black,” and was made to feel uncomfortable after reporting a racial joke made by her colleague Jay Leno. During his interview Crews went on to say that being a witness to racism on set was not his “experience.”


Directly after, Union voiced her confusion and disappointment in a series of tweets, refraining from naming Crews specifically. And she was not alone, many added to the commentary disgusted with the idea that a Black man would ignore the concerns voiced by a Black woman, especially one whom had stood behind him in the midst of his darkest hour.

Crews came forward during the height of the #MeToo movement, to stand behind the women who were sexual assault victims, sharing that he was assaulted by a Hollywood executive during an industry party in 2016. Union was one of his most prominent supporters, a sexual assault victim herself.

His most recent Tweets show that advocacy and ally-ship goes beyond and can only be rooted in action. Clearly Crews needs to take a moment to digest why he felt the need to separate himself from Union’s experience, even if it was not one that he shared.


Amanda Seales pretty much summed up what everyone was thinking during Monday’s episode of The Real.

Twitter is currently gathering him together. Here are some of the tweets:






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