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DaBaby took to Instagram to address his arrest and the charges against him following an alleged altercation with a promoter in Miami.

The rapper was jailed late last week over an assault and robbery of promoter who was supposed to pay him $30,000 for a nightclub appearance at Story.

When the promoter, identified by TMZ as simply Kenneth, came up $10,000 short, he ended up getting his ass kicked by DaBaby and his crew.

Kenneth is now suing over the injuries he sustained in the attack, and for being robbed of his personal items ($80 cash, an iPhone, and credit card) as well as the $20,000 that DaBaby allegedly ran off with. He also claims the hip-hop star and his associates poured apple juice all over him after the robbery.

DaBaby was charged with battery and was released from jail Saturday after posting bail. Now he’s speaking out about the charges, claiming his innocence in an Instagram post that you can read in full above.

“Please stop talking to me about that weak ass 48 hours I spent in jail and that failed attempt to break my spirits & interrupt the path,” he wrote on IG.  “Don’t allow yourself to be used by janky promoters and lazy ass grown men itching for the opportunity to file a lawsuit that they won’t win.”

He went on to tease new music, “I encourage you all to kick back and relax and prepare yourselves for this new wave of music and entertainment I have prepared for you all.”

One IG follower responded with, “did you actually spill apple juice on him tho? that shit would be fire if you did.”

In his post, DaBaby added, “How many Ladies think I’m sexier after reading this post and finding out I’m smart too? Had to clear the air real quick.”

A female fan responded with: “I honestly didn’t think u could get any sexier then boom.”

In other news, DaBaby will be in Indio, CA in April to perform at Coachella.

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