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Family and friends held a vigil recently for 21-year-old Destiny Harrison, the Baltimore salon owner who was fatally shot inside her shop last week.

“She just wanted to do what she loved,” Raquel Harrison, Destiny’s mother said. “She wanted to do hair and be a mother.”

“She was my first grandchild,” Juanita Burton, Destiny’s grandmother, said. “She gave me my first great-grandchild, so you know she was special to me.”

Harrison, owner of Madam D Beauty Bar in southeast Baltimore, was gunned down inside her salon on Saturday by someone who entered the business and opened fire.

According to reports, Destiny, who recently became a new mother, feared for her safety after she caught two burglars snatching up $3,000 worth of hair bundles from her store. When Harrison confronted the thieves and demanded her property back, they physically assaulted her.

In a complaint filed against her attackers, Harrison noted that the suspects lived near her salon and she personally knew one of them to be quite violent. The two suspects were later arrested and charged with assault, theft and burglary.

“I’m scared for my life and business,” Harrison told officials. Days later, authorities found her unresponsive with a gunshot wound to the head on Dec. 21. She later died at the hospital.

So far, authorities have not arrested anyone in connection with the murder, but are hoping there were witnesses inside the salon at the time of the shooting who will come forward with information.

“Somebody gotta know something. Please come forward,” Destiny’s uncle Dewine McQueen said.

“We need to get these demonic souls here. They need to pay for their crime. There’s no doubt about that, in the name of Jesus, there’s no doubt.”

Destiny’s mother is now raising her granddaughter and will have custody of the child.

“Destiny loved her daughter; that was the light of her life. That was probably the most pivotal moment in her life, was her daughter,” Harrison told WBALTV.

“My baby is still with me. I still feel her all around,” she added. “We’ve got her daughter, she’s definitely going to live through me and her daughter’s going to know her mother.”

Destiny’s family set up a GoFundMe page to cover funeral costs.

Harrison’s death is the latest deadly shooting in the city. As noted by CBS News, Baltimore had 338 homicides this year, and could end 2019 with its highest per capita homicide rate on record. In the last week alone, there have reportedly been more than a dozen shootings, four of them deadly.


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