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The mother of Botham Jean says she has no hatred for the suspected white supremacist cop who killed her son last year.

As former Dallas officer Amber Guyger settles into serving the second full month of her 10-year prison sentence for killing Jean, 26, in his own home in Dallas in Sept. 2018, the victim’s mother says she is focused on healing.

“I have no hatred toward Amber Guyger,” Allison Jean told the Dallas Morning News. “It’s time to focus on me and heal in the best way I know how.”

Meanwhile, the mother of Atatiana Jefferson, the 28-year-old university student who was shot in her own home in Fort Worth by former officer Aaron Dean has also broken her silence.

Yolanda Carr admits she is still struggling to process her daughter’s senseless murder.

“We’re going to miss her this Christmas,” Carr said from a hospital in a video shared on Sunday by family attorney S. Lee Merritt. “I’m so glad that they finally indicted that man on murder ’cause he murdered my baby. She didn’t do anything wrong.”

Dean was indicted by a grand jury for murder last Friday.

We previously reported… in October, the Botham Jean Foundation pledged to make a donation to the Jefferson family.

“Losing a family member is hard in any circumstance,” Botham’s sister, Allisa Findley, said in a statement at the time. “Having a loved one taken in this horrific manner is one far more traumatic and a pain no family should have to bear. Unfortunately, too many families have had to suffer at the hands of those paid to serve and protect us.”

Meanwhile, the Jean family has filed a lawsuit against Guyger and the city of Dallas that, in part, demands changes in how officers are trained to handle Black folks and urban communities.

“I hate the corruption that came out vividly from the case,” Allison Jean said. “I hate that the city has yet to take accountability for the poor training and for the actions of Amber, who was a police officer at the time of the murder. She had all the attributes, such as full uniform, she used her service weapon and issued verbal commands. Therefore she was not a civilian or simply a neighbor.

“These are the things that make me very upset.”

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