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Black women are only 15% of the United States Population but they make up 60% of new HIV/AIDS cases. Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with LaDeia Joyce, motivational speaker and blogger who is living with HIV.

LaDeia was diagnosed with HIV 3 years ago after a routine STD/STI screening and recalls one of her immediate thoughts being, “who marries someone who is HIV positive?” She explains that as she googled “I’m HIV positive, now what,” she heard God say “I need you to be what it is that you’re looking for” but he allowed her time to sit with it. She heard him say “after a year I need you to do something.”

So, one year after her diagnosis she went public with it while sitting on a panel at a movie screening. Speaking about it publicly “was difficult but it was freeing.”

She created a blog to educate and help others called Positively Deia,  where you can learn more about her and her journey.

The message she wants all women to get is that “you need to take your sexual health,” into your own hands no matter if you’re married, single, in a monogamous relationship, or just “sexing,” regardless “his penis ain’t in your pocket” she says. Your health is your responsibility.