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Naomi Campbell has called out Elle Germany after the publication’s latest feature about Black models titled “Black Is Back.”

“I’ve said countless of times we are not a TREND,” Campbell wrote in a post on her Instagram account (see post below). “We are here to STAY. It’s ok to celebrate models of color but please do it in an ELEGANT and RESPECTFUL way.”

The fashion magazine is facing criticism from many readers who say the “Black Is Back” cover is disgraceful and culturally insensitive.

On Tuesday, Diet Prada posted a photo on IG of the magazine’s feature on several “models of color,” noting that the “Black Is Back,” title is “Ironic” considering the fashion industry has historically “been complicit in denying visibility to black models until relatively recently.”

The November issue, which highlights Black models, features a white model on the cover alongside a headline: “Black Is Back.”

Instagram users quickly took to the comments section, calling the magazine  “disgusting,” “disgraceful” and “an embarrassment,” Yahoo reports.

Campbell joined the conversation, saying the issue was “so sad to see,” and adding: “your mistake it is highly insulting in every way, .. you go further to say that BACK TO BLACK, even if you ment the fashion it’s is misleading on your headline and Type !! ! I’ve said countless of times we are not a TREND. We are here to STAY. It’s ok to celebrate models of color but please do it in an ELEGANT and RESPECTFUL way.”

Naomi also fired off a message to the publication, saying she and fellow models Bethann Hardison and Iman would be happy to offer their guidance to the editorial staff.

“If you would like a conversation to know how to have a diverse mind we are here to sit and accommodate. It’s very important for a publication to be culturally sensitive and give credit where it’s due . We all need to unite on this matter,” she wrote.

In a statement posted to the magazine’s Instagram account, Elle Germany shared an apology:

“In our current issue we are approaching the colour black from different angles. As one of our topics, it was our aim to feature strong black women who work as models for the fashion industry. In doing so, we have made several mistakes for which we apologize to anyone we might have hurt. It was a mistake to use the cover line ‘Back to black’ which could be understood as if black persons would be a kind of fashion trend. This obviously wasn’t our intention and it was our mistake not to be more sensitive about this.”

The magazine expressed their regrets to models Naomi Chin Wing and Janaye Furman: “Misidentifying the model Naomi Chin Wing as Janaye Furman is a further error for which we apologize. We are aware of how problematic this is. This has definitely been a learning experience for us and, again, we deeply regret any harm or hurt we have unwittingly caused.”

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