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Good Morning Everybody!

We now have just 5 days left to fight, to organize, to call, to email, to text, to rally, to pray to save the life of Rodney Reed – a man that experts across the world say is innocent of the crime that he now sits on death row for. In just a few minutes I have some brand new Action Steps I hope all of our listeners can take.

As you may know, hundreds of men and women, including the man that was literally in the cell right next to Rodney Reed on death row for 18 years, have been fully exonerated of the crimes they were convicted of, and experts believe that hundreds of innocent people have been executed in this country.

In fact, last night, the State of Georgia executed a man named Ray Cromartie, who claimed he was innocent from Day 1. In fact, when Cromartie was offered a plea deal, if he would admit his guilt, he refused. When he was told that it might be able to save his life if he admitted guilt, he refused.

And the State of Georgia refused to do DNA tests on the murder weapon they claimed he used. Just like in the case of Rodney Reed. The family of the victim in the Georgia case begged the state not to execute Ray Cromartie – but last night they did it anyway.

And what it shows is something that I’ve said  and thought a lot over these past few weeks – this system, this system that we call the justice system, was not designed for exoneration, it was not designed for rehabilitation, it was not designed for due process, it was designed purely for punishment – and to be even more particular – it was designed to inflict pain and punishment on Black folk.

And anytime we ask it to do something other than that, it refuses.

We are now just 100,000 signatures away from having 3 million people sign our petition at If you have not signed it yet, please sign it now because we have formed a bi-partisan group of Republicans and Democrats that are going to be hand delivering all 3 million signatures to Governor Greg Abbott on this coming Monday.

Today, I am calling on all of our listeners to hold events, rallies, vigils, and gatherings for Rodney Reed in your own town. And our team will help you set the events up.

If you go now to – at the very top of the page, you can learn how to start and host your own event for Rodney Reed. Listen – you don’t have to be an event planner – you just have to want to stop this execution – and we will help you do the rest. Also, we already have over 80 events being hosted across the country on Sunday and if you go to now, you can join one of those events as well.

I want to switch gears for a second because I just learned that former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has just announced that he is running for President. More than anything, I think he is running because he sees how weak Joe Biden’s campaign has been. And I think Deval Patrick is basically running as the younger friend of Barack Obama.

When pressed this week on what ideas he has, on what he would do as President, the man literally had no new ideas, but just said that he wants to help bring America together, and heal. When pressed on how he would do that, Deval Patrick, had no real answers.

Listen to me – if anybody was going to bring America together, it would’ve been Barack Obama. He was a once in a lifetime politician. Skilled, decent, compassionate, moral, but what we found was that this nation was not remotely interested in coming together and healing. Not at all. And that candidates like Joe Biden or Deval Patrick think they now have what it takes, to do what Obama could not do, is foolish.

Also, I think that Deval Patrick, Michael Bloomberg, and even Hillary Clinton, who keeps hinting at the possibility that she might run – I think all three of them are directly undercutting the other candidates who are running. They are basically suggesting that every current candidate is too weak, and so they are running or thinking of running.

More than anything, I think it’s ego. And ego is helluva drug that can convince people that they are way more viable and way more special than they truly are.

These current candidates, including Kamala Harris and Cory Booker and Julian Castro, have worked their butts off for nearly a year, criss crossing the country, performing in debates, and that anybody else would simply look at the whole field, try to leapfrog past the whole process, and run anyway, is wild to me.

But 2019 is a wild year.

I’ve gotta run, but please go to today. We have phone numbers for you to call and we have events we’d love for you to host!


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