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Maryland HBCUs have been discriminated against for years, and they’re fighting to receive the money that they’re owed from the government. Roland Martin talks to Maryland Delegate Charles Sydnor about what’s happening next. Wednesday will be a huge day in Annapolis, Maryland as the four HBCUs try to get Governor Lary Hogan to pay up.

HBCUs believe they are owed $1 billion but, will reportedly settle for $500 Million. However, Hogan only offered them $200 million.

On Wednesday they need all HBCU supporters, alumni and students to come out to Annapolis at 1 PM to put pressure on the Governor and legislatures. Sydnor says this is extremely important and folks need to come out and support. “Some things are just so important that you need to make a sacrifice,” so if you need to take a vacation day to participate he encourages you to do so.  Not showing up “sends a message to law makers that things aren’t important to you.”

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