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Kanye West fans called out John Legend over his interview for the December issue of Vanity Fair, in which it seems like the singer is shading the rapper. But now R&B crooner has made it very clear that that was not his intention.

Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen are featured in the December edition of Vanity Fair. During the cover story, John distances himself from West. “I’m not trying to disown Kanye because I still love him and love everything we’ve done together creatively,” he said. “But we were never the closest of friends.”

Legend took to Twitter to clarify the comments he made about West during the interview, noting that he wasn’t trying to “sound like I’m trying to disown him” over their disagreements about politics.

“I get why people want to make this a thing,” Legend said. “But I was explaining to the reporter how I’ve seen people I love reacting to the deaths of their mothers. I was thinking specifically of my own mom, Chrissy’s mom and others.” He continued: “Then she asked me if I was referring to Kanye as well after Dr West died. And I told her I wasn’t really in a position to say because while Kanye have a long friendship and have a made a lot of great music, we weren’t close on the level of confiding in each other about grief.”

In his tweets, John explained that he was “thinking specifically of my own mom, Chrissy’s mom and others.”

As he explained in the article, “I think what was always challenging about it was Kanye has never been political,” Legend told VF in reference to Ye making public their private texts.

“I don’t think he knows one way or another what policies of Trump’s he likes. He just kind of embraced Trump’s blow-it-all-up spirit and the energy of himself being countercultural in supporting him.”

Legend said in the article he was just “clarifying that I had no private knowledge that equipped me to speculate on his grieving process and how that related to mine.”

See Legend’s tweets below.