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Trevor Noah has responded to Kanye West’s claim that Black people have been “brainwashed” into voting for Democrats, and his belief that liberal politicians have convinced Black women to kill their unborn babies (via abortion).

In a recent interview, radio DJ Big Boy asked West about his support for Donald Trump, to which Ye replied, “We’re brainwashed out here, bro. Come on, man. This is a free man talking. Democrats had us voting Democrats with food stamps for years.” Moments later, West seemed to conflate the morning-after pill, Plan B, with abortion, claiming that Democrats are “making us abort our children.”

On The Daily Show, Noah addressed West’s “brainwashed” comments, countering, “What is more likely, the fact that these people are brainwashed, or the fact that, in America, you have to vote for the system that gives you the best chance… You may not even like all of the Democrat positions, but you’re like, ‘Yeah I’m voting for my best shot.’”

Noah then noted, “You know who doesn’t mess around with their votes in America? Black women.”

He continued: “I don’t think black women in America have been, or can be, brainwashed. I think if anything, black women in America have the least leeway when it comes to messing around with their vote… Black women in America are like, ‘No, I know where my vote needs to go because I know how important this is to me… The impacts of my vote are exponentially felt. I have a higher rate of mortality when I’m giving birth, I have a higher chance of not getting a loan, I have a higher chance of not getting a job, I will get exponentially less for doing the same job as somebody else…’ That, to me, is not a brainwashed person.”

Many Black folks have responded to Kanye’s comments on Twitter, calling out what they believe is his clear disdain for Black women.

Noah pointed out that Black women have “higher rates of childbirth mortality, lower chances of getting loans, and that there is a massive pay gap for Black women as well,” per In other words, according to Noah, Black women cannot afford to mess around with their votes, therefore they aren’t brainwashed or victims.

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Watch Kanye’s full comments via the clip above.

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