Erica Campbell - Praying and Believing

Source: Erica Campbell / My Block

In a day where some injustice lies within a system meant to protect us, Erica Campbell has released a music video for her “Praying and Believing” song fit for the cause. 

The video, which was directed by Meagan Good, takes place at the LA County Jail where Erica is portrayed locked up and prayer helps her maintain. 

The video was created in partnership with the LIVE FREE Campaign, an organization dedicated to working to end the scourges of gun violence, mass incarceration, and the criminalization of Black and Brown bodies that tears at the soul of our society. 

Pastor Michael McBride, director of the LIVE FREE campaign, MC Lyte and Goo Goo Atkins are all a part of the emotional video that begins with trial and ends in triumph. While exposing the tragedies of incarceration and the social injustices facing our community, it also sheds light on how the community has come together to speak up and fight.

Take a look: 


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